This is a pre-order form.  Please fill out information accurately but certainly pay careful attention to your telephone contact number and e-mail address.  We will reach out to you in the near future by one or both these methods.  This form will be very helpful in the ordering process and will speed up the ordering process up for YOU!

Even though we know that many people would like to do their ordering online, we don't allow this for VERY SOUND REASONS!  When it comes to bags there are far too many variables and we have found from thirty-five plus years of experience, and tens of thousands of orders, many customers left alone would be ordering the wrong item (s) for their application.  We just want to give you information about options to make certain you are getting the correct product (s) for your intended purpose.

We can't tell you emphatically enough how many thousands of our customers thanked us for the guidance and information we provided stating they would have ordered incorrectly had they not spoken to us.  Please consider that it would be much easier for us to have customers order online.  We are not looking for the easy way - we want it to be the correct way and not sell products for profit alone.

It boils down to this!  We are overly conscientious and
TRULY care about our customers and want to make sure they get what they need and what will work for them and nothing more!!!  If you want a company who will take your money and NOT give a hoot if you get the right product - your on the wrong website!!!!!!
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