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With ANY bag locking or non-locking, the two most important things you need to consider are: #1 - What is the widest thing you intend to place inside the bag that you DON'T want to bend or fold, or can't bend or fold? - #2 - What is the thickness?  No bag opens up to the total measurement of the bag because of things like zipper pull/slider, bottom stop, locking mechanisim etc. A good example of this point is our VBB-912 bag.  It measures 9 inches high by 12 inches wide. Many people want to order this bag to put in full sheets of 8-1/2" x 11" standard size paper. Yes, 9 x 12 is larger than 8-1/2 x 11 but that would be the WRONG bag because the paper would fit in TIGHT!  The correct bag for this example would be our VBB-1013.  And that of course would depend on how many pieces of paper you intend to try and fit inside.  When your volume gets thick you need to oversize the bag to compensate for the volume/thickness!  This is even more important with locking bags because whatever locking mechanism is used is takes up even more room on the zipper opening.

Fabric choice is also important to consider. Cotton fabric may be a nice tee shirt on a hot day but when it comes to bags, if you spill something on cotton it is going to absorb it quickly, possibly become stained and what is inside is getting wet and stained also.  We have many fabrics and colors to choose from.  PLEASE take the little extra time and call us and we will be happy to suggest the best options for your intended use.

For locking bags we strongly urge you to visit the page/link below.  It is the most informative page on our website and can save you many headaches!!!
The VERY FIRST thing that needs to be considered by anyone using a bag for any purpose is SIZE - SIZE - SIZE & SIZE!  Regardless of what you are using the bag for, think about the BIGGEST thing going inside and thickness.
We manufacture all types of zipper and non-zipper fabric bags and pouches for any business or individual that may need one bag or thousands to store, organize and transport items.  That could be airline tickets to zinc tablets.  We have many locking and non-locking stock sizes for a multitude of applications and build custom bags every day of the week.


Black, Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Gray, Kelly Green, Natural, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, White, Yellow

Black, Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Gray, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, Yellow

Black, Sugar Brown, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Forest Green, Gray, Kelly Green, Lake Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Peanut/Tan, Red, Royal Blue, White, Yellow

Black, Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Gray, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Neon Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, White, Yellow - 877-265-2247 - 877-BNK-BAGS
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