CCAO is a leading manufacturer and distributor of locking and non-locking fabric bags made from various materials depending on the required application.  We build zipper bags and pouches of all sorts in a large selection of colors.  We have stock bags and  produce custom bags of any size needed for your intended task and operation.

Over the years we have produced products for practically every business one could imagine. This ranges from bank-money bags, HIPAA medical document papers/charts, church collection-offering bags to putting in items like firearms, coin, medicine, nuts, bolts, diamonds to dollars. We have manufactured bags for ambulance fleets to zoos and everything between.

Our company is extremely diversified and we can fill large orders or accommodate an individual with a custom request.  We cut and sew on a daily basis and are able to fulfill custom orders within twenty four to forty-eight hours in most cases. We make locking bank bags, money-zipper bags, coin bags and pouches and also stock many bags in a vast assortment of styles and colors, which are ready for same day shipment. 

So if you need plain, printed or lockable bags to store, sort, organize, transport items, we can help.  WE DO IT EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!
Night Deposit Locking Bags various sizes
Lockable Courier Bank Money Bag
Money Zipper Wallet to hold paper mopney currency
Fire Resistant Bag with high security lock
Heavy duty coin and cash bags with zippers
Locking Courier Bag with handles - 877-265-2247 - 877-BNK-BAGS
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CCAO/Coin Cash Article Organizers
School Pen Pencil Bags
Vinyl Bank Deposit Bag - Promotional
ALL of our products are PROUDLY MADE in the


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If you need bags locking or non-locking CALL US and we will help you get it right the first time!
If you need bags locking or non-locking CALL US and we will help you get it right the first time!